Carpe Diem Mens Sterling Silver Leather Bracelet


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How do I know my cuff size?


To find your cuff size, please measure the circumference of your wrist with a measuring tape.

For some cuffs we offer three sizes for cuffs small, medium, and large.

Size wrist circumference inches 
wrist circumference cm's 
small  6 to 7 15 to 18
medium 7 to 8 18 to 20
large 8 to 9  20 to 23


If your wrist is smaller than 6inch/15cm or larger than 9inch/23cm in circumference, just let us know your wrist circumference at checkout and we will custom make it for you.

Please note there will be an additional charge of $35usd for custom cuffs in silver, bronze, brass and 925 sterling silver.

Please note there will be an additional charge of $70usd for cuffs larger than 9inch/23cm in 925 sterling silver.

*Please note medium sized measurements are listed in item description, and measurements may vary slightly on a size small and size large.

'Join the Club' Leather Lava Stone Wrap Bracelet


Mens wrap bracelet, lava stone wrap bracelets. Handmade with a 925 sterling silver carpe diem coin and all wrapped up with black lava stones and black leather. This bracelet has been designed for both men and women.

Measurements: 150cm/59 inch total length, 6mm diameter (lava stones).
Material: black lava stones, black leather, and 925 sterling silver. 

How do I know my cuff size?shipping & faq's

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