Carpe Diem Mens 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Cuff


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How do I know my cuff size?


To find your cuff size, please measure the circumference of your wrist with a measuring tape.

For some cuffs we offer three sizes for cuffs small, medium, and large.

Size wrist circumference inches 
wrist circumference cm's 
small  6 to 7 15 to 18
medium 7 to 8 18 to 20
large 8 to 9  20 to 23


If your wrist is smaller than 6inch/15cm or larger than 9inch/23cm in circumference, just let us know your wrist circumference at checkout and we will custom make it for you.

Please note there will be an additional charge of $35usd for custom cuffs in silver, bronze, brass and 925 sterling silver.

Please note there will be an additional charge of $70usd for cuffs larger than 9inch/23cm in 925 sterling silver.

*Please note medium sized measurements are listed in item description, and measurements may vary slightly on a size small and size large.

'Hero' Cuff


Man personalized bracelet, made from 925 sterling silver, oxidized and then polished to perfection. Choose the Carpe Diem stamped cuff or personalize it with your own stamp on the inside or outside of this cuff, please see all the details below. This cuff is designed to gently bend to fit most wrist sizes.

Please note there are different charges depending on the amount of characters you choose and a limit of characters on each piece of jewelry. I offer the alphabet in aALL languages, numbers, roman numerals and a selection of symbols. ❤︎ ✝ ☮ ⚓

Measurements: 17cm/6.7inch length, 8mm width, 1.5mm thickness
Material: 925 sterling silver.

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